Cats can do it too!

September 04, 2015


sometimes I wonder if some cats realize that they’re cats. Most cats are pretty independent creatures. They’re not really interested in “training” or doing tricks. They don’t want to play fetch or give you their paw. They just want to hunt and eat and sleep and be cat-like. And I’m fine with that. It’s one of the things that makes cats unique.
“Ok, you guys,” he says. “Ready?”

“Lay down,” he says

“Roll over,” he tells them next while motioning with his hand.

Phoenix is the first to roll over and it’s a success. Lucy goes next and does a perfect roll right next to her sister.

But then the human approaches Didga and tells her to roll over, which she actually does perfectlyjust like her puppy sisters. Amazing!

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen a lot of cats that will roll over on command like that. Pretty cool!