Campaigners show horrific ordeal of animals caught in glue traps

October 25, 2015

The harrowing footage comes with a graphic content warning and will shock householders who have ever used the devices to catch mice and rats.

Although the rodents are regarded as some of our most unwanted pests, Humane Society International UK says millions of the animals are being being subjected to “hideous and even illegal cruelty” from traps and that 68 per cent of the public would support their ban.

The respected British Pest Control Association says it shares public concerns about the traps which can be bought over the counter in many high street stores.

Glue traps work by ensnaring target animals with super strong glue. The charity says rats and mice can be left struggling for hours or days in the super-strong adhesive, eventually suffocating as the glue clogs up their mouth or nose. Some animals have been found to tear or even attempt to bite off their limbs to escape.